Ron Owens

I began my music career in Ohio as a drummer at age 13 playing in our family band called “Isaiah”. My brothers played guitar and trumpet. My sister sang and our neighbor played bass. My mom and dad where managers and booked our gigs. Since we were all under age 16 they had to sign waivers for us to play the clubs. Our music focus was on POP music from the late 60’s and 70’s. We were kinda like The Partridge Family.

The band broke up when we graduated high school and were off to college. Due to my studies and sports involvement at Ohio State University, I didn’t start playing drums again until I was 25 years old. I join the David Pugh Band in Florence, KY and played all country music. We cut a couple 45 records that got a little radio play. I started to really like country music as something different to play and the crowds liked it, after all, we were in Kentucky.

At age 32, I moved to Dallas, TX and was without a band. My work took me away from home so playing music was hard to do. It wasn’t until I was age 38, when I moved to Kansas City in 1990 that I found how rich the area was for musicians. After jamming around town for a few years I decided to start my own country band in 1995. Now at age 41, I felt the need to put something together that could be special. I started the band “Four Wheel Drive”.

Our lead singer, Rick Macomb could have been Travis Tritt’s identical twin. It was a 6 piece band with Ronny Skaggs on lead guitar, second cousin to Ricky Skaggs. We toured the country bars from Omaha to Columbia to Joplin to Wichita. It was a great band with great musicians. Unfortunately, all good things have to come to an end. And so in 2002, after 7 years, we broke up.

My influences from famous drummers would have to be Jon Bonham and Mick Fleetwood. Music influences come from bands such as Heart, Grand Funk, James Gang, Led Zepplin, CSNY, Aerosmith, Marshall Tucker and John Mellencamp.

In 2003, I met a few musicians at a jam session, Ron Langham, JC Curtwright and Dick McComick. We were all getting up in years and had been in so many bands but what the heck, we decided to start another band. We called the band “Echos”. I don’t know why. I think it was just a good reason to get together and party. After about 6 months, I met Ron Davenport at Ron Langham’s house and we decided to steal JC Curtwright and form a different band, but we were missing a strong vocalist. Ron Davenport knew of a female singer that might be interested in singing with us. So now Jan Collins enters the scene with a phenomenal voice and could play guitar. Thus was the beginning of “Nite Drive”.

It was a strong band and we played a few gigs over the course of a couple years until sickness and life got in the way again. Davenport, Jan and I decided to form a small 3 piece acoustic band and started performing as “Liberty Rising”. In 2006, Jan and I had fallen in love with each other and got married; now it was Jan & Ron Owens. Then while performing at a graduation party in 2008, we ran into Dave Adams and he asked us to join him in playing in an acoustic band. Davenport was heavily involved in business, so Jan and I hooked up with Dave and started playing together. We decided, after about 6 months of rehearsals, we wanted to take the band to a full electric rock band, thus was the beginning of “Salem Road”. The band expanded to 6 members and we developed a strong sound. After about a year with Salem Road, Jan and I split off and formed our current band “Copper Creek”.

We brought Ron Davenport out of retirement and the Copper Creek Band started playing together in 2009. Jim Davisson joined the band in 2010, Mike Manley joined in 2012 and we were busy booking gigs. Mike had to leave in 2014, so Bob Moore joined us. So, counting it up, since age 13, I’ve been in 8+ bands! I’m surprised I remembered the names of all those bands.